Monday, November 25, 2013

conversation between artists

I went to the 2013 graduating TAFE student show in Lismore last week. There was a signature piece by Leila Page, a 1.2 metre stylised ceramic figure, sandy coloured with hundreds of daisy-like flowers on the surface. I discussed the piece with a friend, saying that, for me it reminded me of a Linde Ivimey piece.  For me it had the same overall look and surface qualities, a basic shape with tiny details.  I think it was attractive to me because it was similar to a lot of my own work. My friend didn't see the likeness.  If you look at Leila's, Linde's and my work, I think you can see a conversation between artists with a similar aesthetic. When you look at an artwork, are you looking at the materials used or at the overall effect? How do we decide the connection between artworks?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

barrier reef bommie

This piece is based on a coral bommie with an anchor point and small piece of dead coral attached. In the end it turned out a bit like an animal with its four legs. It was part of my 'Hide nor Hair' show at the Tanks Arts Centre. I used paperclay as it is so easy to use even if it dries out and you can make very fine attachments. The barnacles on the bottom were made as sprigs then attached. I have several glazes including a magnesium one that becomes like foam.