Monday, November 25, 2013

conversation between artists

I went to the 2013 graduating TAFE student show in Lismore last week. There was a signature piece by Leila Page, a 1.2 metre stylised ceramic figure, sandy coloured with hundreds of daisy-like flowers on the surface. I discussed the piece with a friend, saying that, for me it reminded me of a Linde Ivimey piece.  For me it had the same overall look and surface qualities, a basic shape with tiny details.  I think it was attractive to me because it was similar to a lot of my own work. My friend didn't see the likeness.  If you look at Leila's, Linde's and my work, I think you can see a conversation between artists with a similar aesthetic. When you look at an artwork, are you looking at the materials used or at the overall effect? How do we decide the connection between artworks?

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  1. Hi Louise
    I loved your piece at the Byron Arts Classic yesterday and if it doesn't sell, I would love to show it(and any other work you may have) at Art Piece Gallery. Would that be possible? I also immediately recognised the aesthetic thread that runs through yours, Leila Page and Linde Ivimey's work. Apart from the 3D aspect, there is a sense of humour combined with a provocative use of materials and communication of an emotional nature. Though all very beautiful, there is more to them than meets the eye.