Friday, July 29, 2011

Strandline opening night

Deborah, Rebecca and Louise Fulton at opening night of The Strandline- a tale of two sisters. Rebecca, the third sister, opened the show with a charming speech.

We also had a didactic panel about the show.

The strandline: a term referring to the margin of the sea where all things afloat find a resting place; a converging point, a liminal happenstance region through which the briny deep deposits flotsam and jetsam at the top of the tide; a coastal Plimsoll line where tidal pulse is made manifest.

The Strandline: an exhibition of furniture, sculpture and drawings by Deborah and Louise Fulton which dovetails both the high water mark and two sister’s art practices.

A strand, a string - two siblings plied together to form a sisterly bond. Divided by geography, one living on the island, one on the mainland, the strandline links them through the tidal flow. Five decades have bonded a strandline with all the subtleties and collaboration of sibling push and pull.

The exhibition directs attention to the family line and what connects siblings. Here timber and clay have replaced familial stories. Timber transformed to driftwood, earth transformed to clay and then both to a new occupation as artwork is drilled, carved, sanded and polished.