Saturday, September 3, 2011

fairytales in fairyland

Pictured at Grafton Regional Gallery are works from my Fantasia Australis series. 'Endless summer', 'Spice mix', 'New Arcadia' and 'On the sheeps back' are four of the seven in the series. The text for the series follows.

Once upon a time, there was a place called Australis which flowed with cheap milk and there was more than enough of everything. Even the honey bees were top notch and exported first class to California almond orchards. Australis had golden migrants on 457 visas. They happily worked unpaid overtime to support the nation. Balmy tropical waters lapped the coast. The people of Australis developed deep tans. Meanwhile a villain silently went about bleaching their coral. Australis dug up 28% of the world's coal exports. It was hard work but necessary in their quest for a prosperous future. Big Red held the key to Australis's transformation. The promise was peace and security along with a quarter acre of feasting and fornication. Australis was a suburban paradise, a utopian poetic idyll, a safe haven free from infection, an unspoiled harmonious wilderness. Australis was gifted with people from many nations. They had many restaurants and cafes and lived together happily ever after.