Thursday, June 9, 2011

Come hell or high water

Strandline: An exhibition dovetailing both the high water mark and two sister's art practices. A term referring to the margin of the sea where all things afloat find a resting place, where the briny deep deposits flotsam and jetsam, a liminal region where tidal pulse is made manifest, a coastal Plimsoll line.
A strand, a string - two siblings plied together to form a sisterly bond. Divided by geography, one living on the island, one on the mainland, the strandline links them through the tidal flow. Five decades have plied this strandline into a tightly bonded cord.
The exhibition directs attention to the family line and how time connects siblings. Here timber and clay tell the evolving story. Time and tide and two sisters converge.

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  1. Beautiful work, Lou. I visited your exhibition at Salamanca Arts Centre on the weekend and loved your ceramic pieces. Will watch to see what you do next!